What is ARFID

ARFID (previously known as Selective Eating Disorder or SED) is a phobia that some people have regarding food. It is totally different from simply fussy eating. Fussy eating tends to be a stage during most children’s development and they grow out of it, whereas ARFID is a fear of certain foods that continues into adulthood .

ARFID often gets overlooked and misdiagnosed by doctors and therapists, as they confuse it with simple fussy eating.

With ARFID because of a past incident, pain has been associated with certain foods the mind now regards these foods as unsafe and it will try and avoid having anything to do with these foods.  The longer that this situation continues, then the greater the belief that one is ‘unable’ to eat any new foods becomes.

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What are the Symptoms

  • A sense of intense anxiety or dread with certain foods. It could be the taste, texture, smell of that food or the fear of gagging or choking.

  • you cannot  bring yourself to try new foods, no matter how much you want to.

  • Avoidance of eating in public

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What can be done ?

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