Jackie Fraser is an East Lothian based hypnotherapist who specialises in ARFID (Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder). Jackie is one of the leading experts in the UK and featured as one of the experts on the TV programme Extreme Food Phobics.

“Thanks to Jackie Fraser. my daughter can now try new foods without panic attacks or gagging ! I really can’t believe it, honestly.”

jackie fraser extreme food phobics hypnotherapist


UKTV has created “Extreme Food Phobics” (10 x 60 minute episodes) for its premium entertainment channel, W, with Dr Ranj Singh and his experts offering help and support to some of the UK’s most severe food phobics. The UKTV Original is produced by South Shore Productions and will air in August 2021.

The episodes feature Jackie as one of the team who help patients overcome extreme food issues, in the hope of living a healthier and happier life.

Extreme Food Phobics sees patients with a variety of food related fears and phobias attend at a bespoke hub, where they are seen by Dr Ranj before being treated . Jackie uses a variety of methods including hypnotherapy to treat them.

Dr Ranj and his team help members of the public overcome their fears of food Credit: UKTV

“Jackie Fraser is one of the UK’s leading food phobia hypnotherapists” – Dr Ranj Singh

Dr Ranj said: “Most of us will associate fussy eating with kids.

“However, there are a significant number of adults with serious food issues that could be damaging their health without even realising. Working on this ground-breaking show has been a real rollercoaster – not just because we get to see the reality of it, but also because the treatment results are potentially life-changing!”

“Across each episode, the patient will move through three stages of therapy to help them overcome their fears. From the initial check-in to diagnosis, aversion therapy and support from psychologists and therapists, with the aim of each patient’s experience building to an intimate dinner with their nearest and dearest, all of whom are willing them to overcome their food fears. With a wide variety of dietary issues on the agenda, the prospect of this final stage will be hard for some to swallow.”

Extreme Food Phobics airs on W on Wednesday, August 25 at 8pm.

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